George, and Crash were in Delco’s renowned Sinderblok, which had a very large following in the area, known for their love of music & booze. Jay and PJ most recently played with Daddy Says So, known for being one of the hardest working rock and pop bands in the area. Joe joined up in late 2013 after tiring of the same ol same ol with other local bands. Joe is one of the area's most incredible drummers, and has finally found a home with Trouble Walkin'.

​With music in their soul, and whiskey in their blood, they continue to march on with the beat they choose, confident everyone will enjoy the ride with them. 

Trouble Walkin' was created by five guys from different area bands who were tired of playing the same music all the other area bands were doing.  We wanted to shake things up, BIG TIME!  We would provide the Tri-State area with classic and modern Hard Rock and Metal!!  

Drink Up and Raise Hell 

became our war cry, while covering hard rock & heavy metal bands from AC/DC to Godsmack to Pantera to Zeppelin with a twist of Clutch, Volbeat & other ecletic bands. 

~ Upcoming gigs ~

April 19th:

TW rocks

The Thirsty Bulldog

After this gig, for the foreseeable future, we will be on hiatus.  So this is our time to really BLOW IT OUT!!!!

You'll NOT want to miss this!!!


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